Principles of Managerial Accounting is an innovative video textbook that is intended to be watched as much as it is read. Users learn fundamental managerial accounting principles by reading about the concepts in the text immediately followed by watching short videos where the concepts are applied in demonstration problems. Each chapter contains detailed written explanations of fundamental managerial accounting concepts such as cost behavior, job costing, cost classifications, cost volume profit analysis, incremental decision making, budgeting, and variance analysis. Video Illustrations are embedded within the written text to actively demonstrate the accounting concepts. Each chapter is concluded with a series of comprehensive “Practice Video Problems” in which the concepts are applied to unique business situations. Interactive elements are also embedded throughout this textbook.  “Check your understanding” questions follow the major learning objectives. And interactive “Review” and “Homework” questions are included at the end of every chapter.

This video textbook is particularly suited for distance education courses, hybrid courses, personal interest self-study, or any other circumstance in which users don’t receive the educational benefits from traditional, in-person lectures.


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