14 Story of an Entrepreneur

Sanga Moses is a social entrepreneur who quit a job at a bank in Kampala – Uganda’s capital city – in order to work on solving a real problem in his country. He saw that girls, especially, had to find and carry wood for fuel instead of spending their time at school. Today, thousands of families in Uganda use Moses’s clean-burning cooking fuel every day. And because the fuel is made from farm waste, for example, from corn crops, around 3,000 farmers and retailers earn extra income each month by working with Moses’s company, Eco-Fuel Africa.

farm waste (n.): parts of crop plants not used for food

retailers (n.): people who sell product to the public

Adapted from:

Chase, Becky Tarver, Pathways 1: Listening, Speaking, and Critical Thinking (2nd edition), Boston, National Geographic Learning, 2018


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