11 Role-Play

Role-play is an effective technique of language teaching and learning. Role-play is a form of experiential learning. Students take on assigned roles and act out those roles through a scripted play. Role-play can be carried out one-to-one (individual role-play) or as a group role-play with each member in the group taking on a role or a character. The roles and rules for a role-play are clearly defined in a script. Role-plays can provide very powerful learning experiences for students by immersing them in simulated real-world situations in which students act out a particular role or a character in a safe environment.

Role-plays give students the opportunity to demonstrate how to use English in real life situations and make them focus more on communication than on grammar. Students learn to use the language in a more realistic, more practical way. Thus, they can become more aware of the usefulness and practicality of English.

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