35 Interactive Presentation Assignment

Interactive Presentation Assignment

General Information

The goal of the Interactive Presentation Assignment is for students to improve their ability to present information in an academic/professional manner, create appropriate critical thinking questions, and provide informative answers. The assignment has 5 parts: 1) select an appropriate topic, 2) do any necessary research to learn about the topic, 3) prepare the presentation, 4) prepare at least 2 critical thinking questions which could stimulate discussion among the audience, 5) include a question-and-answer session at the end of the presentation. The student should try to promote interaction between themselves and the audience, and between the members of the audience.

The presentation is worth 20% of the final grade.


Students must select an academic topic to give their presentation on. The presentation should be informative and the critical thinking questions should encourage the audience to reflect on the topic and share their opinions.

Presentation Requirements

Each student should prepare a PowerPoint presentation to accompany his or her spoken presentation. The presentation must be submitted to Canvas before class when presentation is scheduled. The PowerPoint should be professional looking and contain appropriate fonts, colors, and visuals.

Presentation Outline Guide

  • Introduction
    • Introduce the topic
    • Opener or attention getter
    • Significance of topic
    • Relevance to audience
    • Thesis and preview (tell the audience “the big picture”; give audience a roadmap)
  • Body
    • Point one (with supporting details)

[Transition and connection]

    • Point two

[Transition and connection]

    • Point three
  • Conclusion
    • Summarize the main points of the presentation
    • Conclusion Sentence—End the presentation strongly
  • Q&A
    • Answer questions from audience

Special Note: Students should ask audience questions when appropriate at the beginning of or during the presentation



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