15 Exercise: Eco-fuel Africa

  • Watch the video and choose the correct word to complete each statement.

  1. Moses got the idea for his company when he saw his (sister / brother) carrying wood.
  2. When he quit his job at the bank, people were (upset / shocked).
  3. He sold his (furniture / car).
  4. Moses is now the (president / CEO) of Eco-Fuel Africa.
  5. His advice is to (listen to / follow) your heart and believe in your dreams.
  • Watch the video again and fill in each blank with the number you hear.
  1. After _______ months, Moses had spent all of his savings.
  2. Eco-Fuel is ______ percent cheaper than other fuels.
  3. Today, about ______ families use Moses’s product.
  4. Moses’s goal in the next ____ years is to reach _______ million families.
  • Discuss with a partner a business idea you have to promote local economy or employment of your hometown.
  1. Why do you have this idea?
  2. What challenges do you expect to have when starting this business?
  3. What do you need to do to prepare for the potential challenges?

Adapted from:

Chase, Becky Tarver, Pathways 1: Listening, Speaking, and Critical Thinking (2nd edition), Boston, National Geographic Learning, 2018


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