28 Types of Interview Questions

Types of Interview Questions

Descriptive questions

Example: Describe a typical day.

List one or two descriptive questions of your interview

Follow-up questions

Example: You said that you found communication among members of your team to be very strained. What do you think is the cause of this difficulty?

List one or two follow-up questions of your interview

Experience/Example/Behavior questions

Example: If I followed you through a typical day, what would I see you doing?

List one or two experience/example questions of your interview

Compare/Contrast questions

Example: You said that there was a big difference between how you exercise now and when you were younger. Describe some of these differences.

List one or two compare/contrast questions of your interview

Clarification questions

Example: You said that you preferred practical learning. What do you mean by practical learning?

List one or two clarification questions of your interview

Opinion questions

Example: What would you like to see happen when you change your diet/exercise routine?List one or two opinion questions of your interview

Knowledge questions

Example: What kind of training is offered in the campus recreation center?

List one or two knowledge questions of your interview

Role-playing/Simulation questions

Example: Suppose I am a new member of the campus recreation center and I ask you what I should do to benefit most from it. What would you tell me?

List one or two simulation questions of your interview


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