H5P activities list

This book includes 195 H5P activities. Only those which have been inserted into book content will be included if the book is cloned.

ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
1Ch 1 CYU Product, Period, and Manufacturing Costs LO1Drag the Words
2Ch 1 HW Fixed Costs Behavior LO3Multiple Choice
3Ch 1 CYU Relevant Range LOs 5,6True/False Question
4Ch 1 CYU Contribution Format Income Statements LO 6Guess the Answer
5Ch 1 P/R Finding variable cost per unit LO3Mark the Words
6Ch 1 CYU Contribution Income Statement LO7True/False Question
7Ch 1 P/R Cost Formula Y = a + b(x) define the terms LOs3,4Drag the Words
8Ch 1 HW LO3 Incremental Manufacturing Cost LO3Multiple Choice
9Ch 1 P/R Contribution margin per unit computation LO7Multiple Choice
10Ch 1 HW Net operating income computation - Contribution vs Traditional LOs5,6,7Multiple Choice
11Ch 1 CYU Variable, Fixed, Mixed Costs LO 2,3Drag the Words
12Ch 1 CYU Traditional Income Statement LO6True/False Question
13Ch 1 CYU Construct a Contribution format Income Statement LO7Drag the Words
14Ch 1 HW Manufacturing Cost Identification LO2Drag the Words
15Ch 1 HW Identify the cost type as Product or Period LO2Drag the Words
16Ch 1 HW Identify the cost type as Fixed, Variable, or Mixed LO3Drag the Words
17Ch 1 HW Identify the cost as Fixed or Variable LO3Drag the Words
18Ch 1 HW Fixed and Variable Behavior LO4Fill in the Blanks
19Ch 2 HW Calculate predetermined overhead LO3 w/AnswerMultiple Choice
20Ch 1 P/R Identify the type of manufacturing product cost LO2Drag the Words
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