H5P activities list

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21Ch 1 P/R Construct a Traditional Income Statement LO6Drag the Words
22Ch 1 HW Compute contribution margin dollar amount and ratio using the % LO7Fill in the Blanks
23Ch 1 P/R Compute contribution amount and ratio LO7Fill in the Blanks
24Ch 1 HW Calculation of Costs Adaptable for LO1,2,3,4,5,6,7Fill in the Blanks
25Ch 1 P/R Compute direct and indirect Unit costFill in the Blanks
26Ch 1 CYU Construct a Traditional Income Statement LO6Drag the Words
27Ch 1 P/R Compute Ratios: Variable expenses, Contribution margin LO7Drag the Words
28Ch 1 HW Compute total mixed cost LO3,4Fill in the Blanks
29Ch 1 CYU Identify the Manufacturing Inventory costs that flow to Cost of goods sold. LO2Mark the Words
30Ch 2 CYU Formula to calculate Predetermined Overhead Rate LO3Drag the Words
31Ch 2 CYU Formula to Apply Manufacturing Overhead to a Job LO4True/False Question
32Ch 2 P/R LO5 Job cost sheetFill in the Blanks
33Ch 2 CYU LO5 Job Cost sheet preparationDrag the Words
34Ch 2 CYU LO6 Multiple Predetermined Overhead ratesMultiple Choice
35Ch 2 HW LO 3,4 Compute and Apply Predetermined Overhead Rate.Fill in the Blanks
36Ch 2 P/R LO 5 Identify the costs that are recorded on a Job Cost SheetMark the Words
37Ch 2 P/R LO2 Describe the flow of manufacturing product costs to cost of goods soldDrag the Words
38Ch 2 CYU LO2 Describe Job-order CostingTrue/False Question
40Ch 2 HW LO3 Calculate Predetermined Overhead and Apply LO 3,4Fill in the Blanks
41Ch 2 HW LO6 Compute POHR in multiple departmentsFill in the Blanks
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